2023-24 ATA Results

2024 Provincial Championships

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the 2024 Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Championships. CONGRATULATIONS to all winners. Our major event winners were:

Singles: Chris Tsementzis 199×200
Doubles: Peter Tsementzis 98×100
Handicap: Bill Wylie 97×100
High-All-Around: Chris Tsementzis 390×400
High-Over-All: Chris Tsementzis 961×100
Here is the COMPLETE list of winners, including AIM and all OPTA Added Money

TITSC Results June 23, 2024

Toronto International held an ATA shoot on June 23. High Scores were posted by
Singles: Adam Preece 98×100
Handicap: Andrew Cargnelli 92×100
Doubles: Adam Preece 94×100

“Dual Shoot for the Ages” Results/Payouts

Dresden and Oxford held a “Dual Shoot” on June 2 & 15th. Thanks to the sponsorship from Mott Liokossis, MelBarr Design, Tyler Kelly, and the OPTA, over $3,000 in added money was awarded.

Please see attached for winners and payouts! Congrats to John Van Heusden and Jeff Cartier who BOTH won the OPTA Handicap Purse by breaking a 50 straight.

Dual Shoot Winners & Payouts

Oxford “$3,000 Shoot for the Ages”

Oxford hosted the first leg of the “$3,000 Shoot for the Ages” on June 2. Congrats to winners:

Event 1 Champion: Randy Douez. Class Winners: Ed Wilmott, Brent Hogarth, Noah Baran, Brad Mann, Wayne Ehgoetz.

Shoot results: Click Here (best to use Safari of Firefox!)

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