Shoot Schedule

OPTA Championship

The Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association (OPTA) Championship will be held from July 4-7, 2024 at the Hamilton Gun Club.


CTA Championship

The Canadian Trapshooting Association (CTA) Championship will be held from June 26-30, 2024 at the Vancouver Gun Club in British Columbia.

2023-2024 OPTA Registered Shoot Dates

** Indicates a “Champion of Champions” Qualifying Shoot

March 29 Amherstburg**
March 31 Oxford
April 21 Crumlin**
April 27 Napanee**
April 28 Oxford
May 5 Otter Valley**
May 5 Quinte**
May 11 Toronto International**
May 18-20 St Thomas**
June 2 Oxford/DSC Dual Shoot 1**
June 2 Amherstburg**
June 2 Quinte**
June 5 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
June 9 Hamilton**
June 9 Otter Valley**
June 15 Dresden/OSC Dual Shoot 2**
June 19 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
June 20 St Thomas (Big 50@5pm)
June 22 Napanee**
June 23 Oxford**
June 23 Toronto International**
July 3 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
July 4-7 105th PROVINCIALS (Hamilton)
July 14 Oxford

July 17 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
July 18 St Thomas (Big 50@5pm)
July 21 Amherstburg
July 21 Waterford
July 21 Toronto International
August 3-4 St Thomas
August 7 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
August 11 Toronto International
August 11 Oxford
August 11 Quinte
August 18 Waterford  
August 21 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
August 24 Sydenham
August 25 Hamilton
Aug 31-Sept 1 Oxford
Sept 4 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
Sept 8 Amherstburg
Sept 8 Claybird
Sept 15 Kippen
Sept 18 Claybird (Big 50@12pm)
Sept 21 St Thomas (Big 50@1pm)
Sept 22 Hamilton
Sept 29 Dresden
October 5 Napanee

An introduction to ATA/OPTA registered shooting

Here is a reminder on how to keep an average card up to date. It is the shooter’s responsibility to produce an updated card when being classified at any ATA/OPTA registered shooting competition.

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